The technological difference between a modern led light torch and one of those “dozens of led’s!” flashlights sold at the store counter for a few bucks. A true High Power LED emitter can contain hundreds or even thousands of the same single elements that are inside a mushroom cap led, in virtually the same space! With an estimated life span of 50,000 hours a Void Hawk light torch is the last flashlight you will ever need, with it’s incredible power and advanced optics, it’s the last flashlight you will ever want!

All LED Flashlights are not created equal!

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Voidhawk Flashlights use genuine CREE® High Power Digital LED emitters driven by high quality, modern control circuit boards that utilize sophisticated booster circuitry to increase the brightness of the light.

Voidhawk Flashlights are constructed of solid aluminum and milled on million dollar, high precision laser-guided CNC manufacturing machines. You can buy this flashlight knowing it is built to last a lifetime.

Voidhawk Flashlights are engineered with precision factory matched dual-lens optical zoom-heads that utilize a micro-lens directly on the LED chip itself. Combined with a sliding convex front lens housing, this allows the Voidhawk to achieve a perfectly focused optical projection pathway, enabling the user to literally throw a concentrated, full-power beam of light onto a target hundreds of feet away.

Each Voidhawk model light torch has been meticulously engineered and computer calibrated to bring you perfect micro-fitted optical zoom-heads.

Shopping for the “right light” can be time consuming and confusing. We’ve taken all the guess work out of finding the perfect light, and saved you the headache of choosing the wrong one.

You don’t want to buy this flashlight if you are looking for an okay, run-of-the-mill flashlight. You want to buy this flashlight if you’re looking for one of the best performing, most durable, brightest flashlights available today.

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