Amazing Blinding Bright Power From 3 AAA Batteries!

    The New Mini-Raptor M3 Flashlight Produces An Incredible 350 Lumens From 3 Standard AAA Batteries! The flashlight experts at Voidhawk bring you the latest in LED driver board technology with the new compact Mini-Raptor M3 Flashlight featuring a CREE XML2-U2 High Power Digital LED Emitter putting out an incredible 350 LUMENS from 3 common aaa batteries. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet bright enough to instantly blind an attacker, the Mini-Raptor-M3 is the perfect companion for walks alone at night.

  • Precision Optical Zoom Head gives this Digital Light Torch the ability to shift from a focused spot beam to an ultra wide field flood light, or anywhere in between. You can see further or wider On Demand!
  • NOT SOLD IN STORES YET! You can’t buy this high power flashlight technology in your local hardware store. We use the latest 2015 high power digital LED emitters in all our flashlights to keep you ahead of the pack with advanced flashlight technology.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You WILL be amazed by the Extreme Power of this Compact Digital Light Torch, we guarantee it. If you buy this flashlight and you’re not 100% satisfied, send it back and we’ll refund your money no questions asked. You literally have nothing to lose by trying a Voidhawk™ Flashlight today.
  • We are a USA Company and we stand behind our products!

(Runs on 3x AAA or 1x 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery)

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Flashlight, One 18650 Battery, Single Charger

Flashlight, Two 18650 Batteries, Dual Charger

Voidhawk Mini-Raptor-M3 Technical Datasheet:

Maximum Lumens: 350
Battery Type: 3 AAA or 1 18650 Li-Ion
LED Driver Board Maximum Forward Current: 1A @ 3.2V
LED Emitter Type: CREE® XML2-U2
LED Emitter Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
Modes: 5 High – Med- Low – Strobe – SoS
Variable Lumens: High:350 Med:150 Low:50
Zoom Focus: Yes
Lens Type: Aspheric / Convex
Beam Angle: 8º – 110º Max
Maximum Usable Spot Beam Distance: 350 feet
Maximum Visible Signal Distance: 800 Meters
Body Type: Aluminum
Color: Black
Belt Clip: Yes (removable)
Wrist Strap: No
Switch Type: Tail Cap
Weight: 140g without batteries
Dimension: Overall Length: 120mm
Body Diameter: 35mm
Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C

The Flashlight Experts At VoidHawk bring you High Power Flashlights used by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. VoidHawk L.E.D. Flashlights have the power to cut through the darkest tinted windows with fast zooming flood / spot beams demonstrating the highest lumen to size output ratio available in a modern LED Light Torch.

Dual focusing optical lenses give you a straight line projected square spot beam that can shine along straight walls and around corners without blinding you with a reflection, illuminating objects hundreds of yards away.

Voidhawk tactical flashlights use genuine CREE® High Power Digital LED emitters driven by high quality, modern control circuit boards that utilize sophisticated booster circuitry to increase the brightness of the light.

Voidhawk camping & hunting flashlights are constructed of solid aluminum and milled on million dollar, high precision laser-guided CNC manufacturing machines. You can buy this flashlight knowing it is built to last a lifetime.

All Voidhawk LED flashlights are engineered with precision factory matched dual-lens optical zoom-heads that utilize a micro-lens directly on the LED chip itself. Combined with a sliding convex front lens housing, this allows the Voidhawk to achieve a perfectly focused optical projection pathway, enabling the user to literally throw a concentrated, full-power beam of light onto a target hundreds of feet away.

Each Voidhawk high lumen LED flashlight has been meticulously engineered and computer calibrated to bring you perfect micro-fitted optical zoom-heads.

Shopping for the “right light” can be time consuming and confusing. We’ve taken all the guess work out of finding the perfect light, and saved you the headache of choosing the wrong one.

When you’re ready to own a Voidhawk Police Style Flashlight just click the add to cart button and we’ll ship your order out fast from our warehouse in Florida.

This flashlight IS the “right light” for you, and we guarantee it with a full 100% money back guarantee.

When you buy a legendary Voidhawk™ Light Torch, you’re getting the best quality for the best value, PERIOD!