(Flashlight Only - 1X 18650 Battery Required)

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Don't waste your money on inferior flashlights that use old style output restricting filters.

  • Red: Coming in at 630 nanometers the Voidhawk RGB Tactical Flashlight uses the perfect Red wavelength for tactical applications such as map reading, hunting, or any nighttime activity where you want to save your night vision.
  • Green: Registering at 535 nanometers the Voidhawk RGB Tactical Flashlight uses the perfect Green wavelength for the human eye. Our eyes are most sensitive to green light which makes it perfect for navigating the dark. Most animals cannot see true spectrum green light very well so it does an excellent job of lighting up a field without disturbing the game.
  • Blue: Using a royal blue 465 nanometers the Voidhawk RGB Tactical Flashlight uses the perfect blue light wavelength for tracking blood trails of wounded prey without sacrificing your night vision. Blue light is also excellent for fishing at night as it shines straight through the water without producing any glare, it's as if the water isn't even there!
  • VoidHawk™ RGB TACTICAL Technical Datasheet:

    Battery Type: 18650 Li-Ion (1)
    Battery Lifetime: 800 Cycles
    Run Times 2600mAh: High all modes: 8.5 Hours
    Run Times 3400mAh: High all modes: 11 Hours
    LED Driver Board Maximum Forward Current: 350mA @ 3.2V
    LED Emitter Type: 3 CREE® true color RGB
    LED Emitter Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
    Modes: 3: High-Red, High-Green, High-Blue
    Zoom Focus: Yes
    Lens Type: Aspheric / Convex
    Beam Angle: 5º - 120º Max
    Max Usable Spot Beam Distance: 339 Feet
    Wavelengths: Red: 630nm
    Green: 535nm
    Blue: 465nm
    Body Type: Aluminum
    Color: Black
    Belt Clip: No
    Wrist Strap: Yes (removable)
    Switch Type: Tail Cap
    Weight: 152g without batteries
    Dimension: Overall Length: 139.7mm
    Body Diameter: 25.4mm
    Head Diameter:38.2mm
    Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C

    A high powered flashlight is only as good as the batteries that drive it!

    When you buy Genuine Voidhawk™ Brand Batteries you can be sure you're going to get brand new factory fresh high performance power cells labeled with a TRUE mAh rating delivering you over 800 recharge cycles per cell.

    VoidHawk™ batteries are made with the highest quality power cells and are designed to provide stable high drain amperage output all the way to the end of the discharge cycle. Sure you can buy cheaper batteries for your flashlight but you won't get the true power and long run times the light was designed for out of low quality batteries.

    Don't take a chance on possibly dangerous low quality lithium-ion batteries. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you're shopping for safe, high quality Li-Ion batteries you can buy VoidHawk™ brand batteries with confidence.